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Increase revenues

The company sets commercial goals and rewards for the employee/team/partner.


Texer is free

Sales process inefficiencies
Revenues and clients
Texer helps companies to monitor sales and to incentivize commercial activities. Client sets goals (e.e. revenues, number of clients, meetings) and rewards consequently.

Boost your revenues and sales

Let's make a real example

Commercial Goals Setting

i.e: bill at least €10000 in Q1 / call at least 60 clients per month / organize at least 20 meetings.

Set Rewards

i.e. 10% of incremental revenues / 2 credits per call / 10 credits per meeting

Approve results

Reward officilally the employee/partner assigning credtis to be exchanged with Gift Cards

Revenues increased

+18% in revenues

Our external partners are committed

+18 on external results

Increase contacts and leads

+24% in leads

By adopting Texer we faced an increase in revenues, thanks to rewards our commercial team is more commited and on top of their pipeline.

Marco Mazzanti Commercial lead

We use Texer to incentive sales from our commercial partern companies. They are now involved in a rush to sales to get their benefits.

Francesco Galli Retail Director

We use Texer to reward employees that increase contacts to new clients/leads, it works perfectly.

Franco Pappaleo Call Center Director
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