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Shoot us an email!

Texer 4 Goals

Our aim is to help companies reaching their goals through a reward based software.


Texer is Free.

Client pays only the Gift for the employee

Reach any goal, whatever it is, whenever you want.

Let's make a real example

Save the goals

Manager sets up goals for employees.

Approve results

Manager, at the end of the period, approve or not if the goals has been accomplished

What do companies tell about us

More precise goals

Employees engaged

Business Gamification

Using Texer we digitalize our goals and make them official. morevoer we monitor the goal accomplishment process

Gino Lazzari Founder

Thanks to rewards our employees are now more responsible and committed to accomplish the goals given

Anthony Pell

We use Texer as an internal games based on simple objectives. The employee step by step, daily, has to finish normal duties that together are helping our company to exit the crisis.

Predgar Defoe
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