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Shoot us an email!
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Reach any company goal through incentives

Texer rewards employees when reaching company's goals

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Boost your revenues and clients

With Texer you reward the salesforce when reaching commercial goals

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Reduce business trips costs

Share the savings with your employees

Texer 4 Goals
Reach any company goal through incentives
Texer 4 Sales
Boost your revenues and clients
Texer 4 Travel
Reduce business trips costs

Texer is Free of Charge

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LESS Inefficiency and costs
MORE Revenues & Employees Engagement
Texer is free of charge, companies pay the Gift Card for their employees. It means that if you don't reach your goals you don't pay anything. Send us a request (info@texer.io) or subscribe for free.


1 Set a goal
Management sets goals for the employee (i.e revenues / number of clients to sign / attend courses)
2 Assign credits as rewards
Set the reward if goal is achieved (i.e. 10% of incremental revenues or 10 credits for finishing trainings)
3 Confirm goal accomplishment
Management certifies the employee has reached the goal and assigns credits officially
4 Employee rewards
The employee can change his credits with Gift Cards. All this step is managed by Texer.

About Us

Our Story
Texer has been founded in 2019 by ex managers from Amazon and Google with the goal to scale at a European level thansk to its innovative services.
Our Vision
We are working daily to help companies to reach their goals and to reward employees for their contribution.
“ At Texer we continously invest on new features aiming to automatize business trips management by reducing cost ”
Alessandro Cavalleri, CEO
Are you interested in adopting Texer? Send us an email, a member of our team will reply shortly!
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